Squid-Craft - 1" pours
Squid-Craft - 1" pours
Squid-Craft - 1" pours
Squid-Craft - 1" pours

Squid-Craft - 1" pours

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SQUID-CRAFT is a two component high build, high viscosity, REAL CRYSTAL CLEAR CRAFTING RESIN that is used to obtain a high durable finish for any of your canvas art projects, wood working project as well as a high sheen gloss finish for table-tops, bar-tops and other wood surfaces that you would like to protect. Great for crystal clear transparent seal finishes with scratch resistance. This resin is one of the EASIEST SEAL COATS for canvas and artists on the current market! This resin also self-levels really well compared to the industry standard.

  • 🔥 CERTIFIED ORGANIC - No VOC's. No odour. No fumes. Non-flammable. Certified FDA food safe. Solvent FREE. Crystal clear sealing resin.
  • 🔥UV-RESISTANT ADDITIVES - 1:1 RATIO (A:B) (2 gallon kit = 1 gallon of Resin and 1 gallon of Hardener). Great for sealing art crafts.
  • 🔥SELF-LEVELING - Easy to use art sealing resin. High-gloss, smooth & durable finish. Blemish resistant, water resistant and impact resistant coating. Detailed instructions included with each kit. (OUR 2 GALLON KITS are equal to = 7.56 LITERS)
Mix Ratio 1:1
Max Pour Thickness 1/16 inches
Work time 20-30 minutes
Cure Time 8 hours
Working Temperature 17 – 22 degrees Celsius
Viscosity High
Pigments Yes


Start by mixing a 1:1 ratio of 1 part A resin to 1 part B hardener curing agent into a plastic measuring container, (if adding colorant)then add colorant or metallic mixing powder to the mix. Mix the contents for a MINIMUM of 3 to 4 minutes thoroughly and slowly and when ready pour over the cleaned and prepared surface slowly to help reduce creating any air bubbles. The working time is 20 minutes approximately at 68 degree Fahrenheit , giving you enough time to properly pour the resin and properly seal the surface. This resin is ideally poured no more then 1/16 of an inch and is ideally used for CRYSTAL CLEAR FINISHES. In ideal lab temperatures this resin cures in 8 hours.  NOT FOR CASTING DEEP POURS  ! PLEASE SEE OUR SQUID-CAST PRODUCT INSTEAD 


✅ BAR-TOP seal coat
✅ TABLE-TOP seal coats for restaurant owners
✅ DIY Epoxy Resin Wood Table
✅ Resin Wood Art
✅ Crafters and Artists to seal canvas and paint projects
✅ Colored Epoxy Resin Project
✅ Crystal Clear Resin thin sealing Pours
✅ Art Projects


Every artist loves to bring their work to life and give it a perfect finishing. This can be achieved with the use of the right materials and products all through your art project. If you desire to make your art project strong and durable, then Squid-craft Epoxy Resin is the perfect product for you. Squid-craft Epoxy Resin is an excellent choice for artists and crafters to seal paint projects and canvas. It's also suitable for woodwork crafting. Contact us at Squidpoxy to place your order for this product.

At Squidpoxy, we're a top-tier manufacturer that uses top-quality raw materials to create maximum quality products for the satisfaction of our clients. We understand the skills and craftsmanship that go into every project and the need for perfection and quality; hence we thrive on helping artists achieve that in every one of their projects. We offer top-quality crystal clear crafting resins across the country.

Product Description

Squid-craft is a high viscosity, two-component high build, real crystal clear crafting resin designed to give the strength for woodwork and canvas paint projects. It also gives a high sheen gloss finishing for bar-tops, table-tops, and other wood crafts. It's very easy to use and also resistant to scratch. Squid-craft is one of the best resins available in the market. Furthermore, this product is odor-free, impact-resistant, fume-free, non-flammable, and solvent-free. Squid-craft is also certified by the Food and Drug Administration FDA.

How to Use

Squid-craft epoxy resin comes in a 2-gallon kit; 1 gallon of Resin, and 1 gallon of Hardener, which should be combined in a ratio of 1:1. Mix one part resin and one part hardener in a plastic measuring cup and add metallic mixing powder and colorant to the mixture. Combine the mixture appropriately for at least 3 to 4 minutes. The work time is between 20 to 30 minutes, giving you time to use it before it cures. The cure time is 8 hours under the right temperature.



Find out how much epoxy resin you will need for your project with our simple epoxy resin calulator!





Formulated epoxy resins for woodworkers, builders, artists, DIY projects, boats, casting tables, bartops, countertops and more.


No VOC's. No fumes. Non-flammable. Certified FDA food safe. Solvent FREE Epoxy resin.


These resins are made with premium raw materials ONLY, and tested in laboratories to meet our customers standards.


Extremely easy to use sealing resin. Specifically designed for art canvas and projects. Goes up to 1/16 inch.


8 HOURS - 1:1 RATIO (A:B) - Great with epoxy pigment and epoxy resin dye.


Easy to use art & cast resin, self-leveling, smooth & durable finish. Blemish resistant, water resistant and impact resistant coating. Detailed instructions included with each kit.

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