Epoxy Resin Geode Canvas

In this tutorial, Kawtar from Inkandpaper Kz teaches you how to create a beautiful resin geode canvas!

Squid-Clear Fast, Squid-Glass, Canvas, Metallic Pigments, Glitter, Crystals


1. Place your crystals on the canvas

2. Mix the resin, Squid-Clear Fast is 2 part resin to1 part hardener (2A:1B).  Then mix your pigments to the resin

3. Spread out the resin to keep a thin layer

4. Use a heat gun to create lacing

5. Add more crystals

6. Use heat gun to create more lacing

7. Add more crystals

8. Add crushed glass (Squid-Glass)

9. Secure crystals and glass with Clear-Fast Resin

10. Add gold for more contrast

11. Remove the bubbles with a torch

12. Add lines using a gold pen

13. Wait 48 hours

14. Add more crystals and apply one last resin layer and you are done!


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