Epoxy Resin Geode Canvas

In this tutorial, Kawtar from Inkandpaper Kz teaches you how to create a beautiful resin geode canvas!

Squid-Clear Fast, Squid-Glass, Canvas, Metallic Pigments, Glitter, Crystals


1. Place your crystals on the canvas

2. Mix the resin, Squid-Clear Fast is 2 part resin to1 part hardener (2A:1B).  Then mix your pigments to the resin

3. Spread out the resin to keep a thin layer

4. Use a heat gun to create lacing

5. Add more crystals

6. Use heat gun to create more lacing

7. Add more crystals

8. Add crushed glass (Squid-Glass)

9. Secure crystals and glass with Clear-Fast Resin

10. Add gold for more contrast

11. Remove the bubbles with a torch

12. Add lines using a gold pen

13. Wait 48 hours

14. Add more crystals and apply one last resin layer and you are done!


Kawtar from Inkandpaper Kz has been a resin artist for almost a year, but since her very young age, she has been passionate about art and uses it as a way to express herself.

Resin Art caught her attention as it is an abstract form of art where she was able to incorporate different painting techniques and play with various textures. Some other form of resin art she enjoys is making coasters, ring dishes, trays and centrepieces from resins as she creates them from scratch which is very satisfying and unique.

Her favorite part about resin art is that she can create something out of scratch but also its fluidity. The fluidity of the resin makes it stand out from any other type of art. For her, when you create your artwork with resin, its constant movement is a key in achieving your final design!