Creating a Resin Cat wall hanging with Squidpoxy

In this tutorial, Naomi from Resinnia teaches you how to create a Resin Cat wall hanging with Squidpoxy. This tutorial is ideal if epoxy users of any level

Squid-Clear Fast (3L), Squid-Craft (16 Oz), Silicone Mold, Mixing Cup, Squid-Glitter, Opaque Dye of choice, Decorative Add-Ons (Flowers,Leaves,Butterflies), Paint Pen

1. Mix the resin, Squid-Clear Fast is 2 part resin to1 part hardener (2A:1B). 

2. Pour all the resin in the cat mold and hover the heat gun over to remove bubbles.

3. Put decorative add-ons face down in the resin and wait for 24 hrs

4. Mix Opaque dye of your choice to 3 Oz of Clear-Fast resin and pour into the mold

5. After 24 hrs, take the cat out of the mold

6. Take a a paint pen & start painting lines around the cat

7. Clean the cat with rubbing alcohol

8. Mix 20 ml of Squid Craft part A to 20 ml of Squid Craft part B (40 ml total)

9. Pour Squid-Craft on top of the cat

10. After 24 hrs, drill a hole in the cat and add a chain (as desired) to make a hanging wall decoration.

Enjoy your new wall hanging decoration, you may follow the same technique to create different shapes/figures


"My name is Naomi and I moved to Ottawa from Barrie, Ontario. I’ve been making art with resin since 2019 and I’m still learning new ways on how to work with resin everyday. I love to make resin art because it allows me to be creative and express myself. I enjoy making unique decorative art as well as functional pieces from wall décor to coasters to notebooks and much more. One of my favourite things about resin is that i get the opportunity to bring people’s vision to life when I am making custom orders."

Make sure to follow her on @resinnia on Instagram to see more of her amazing work