How-to-use Guide for epoxy with 2:1 ratios

To ensure that the resin will cure accordingly to the curing time listed in the properties of each product, you should be working in a tempered environment of 17-22°C.

  1. Start by pouring two parts of A (resin) to one part of B (hardener) into a plastic container (if you want to add pigments or dyes, it's now! If you're adding flakes, wait.).
  2. Then mix the content thoroughly and slowly for a minimum of 3 to 4 minutes (if you want to add flakes, add it after this and mix until it's uniform)
  3. When ready, pour slowly into your project to help reduce creating any air bubbles.
  4. If bubbles appear, please read our Get-rid-of-Bubbles guide.

Please note that the working environment temperature, humidity levels, temperature of the product and thickness of the pour may cause curing times to vary. 

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