Sapphire Resin Coffee-Table

In this tutorial, Derry from Derry Woodworking teaches you how to create a coffee table with epoxy resin. This tutorial is ideal for woodworkers wanting to learn more about epoxy resin projects!

Squid-Cast 2.0 Epoxy Resin (Casts up to 2”), Pigments (color of your choice), Wood, Silicone Mold, Legs for the table


1. Choose your slab/wood and make sure its kiln dried (7% and below moisture content is preferred). Moisture meter can help to determine this or you may get your supplier to verify it.

Remove any lose material or excess bark and place in leak proof form and secure

2. Calculate amount of Squid-Cast needed for your project. You may use our calculator page for this. Mix the resin thoroughly and add pigments or dyes if desired. Pour slowly and fill the project

3. Demold , mill, sand and shape! Flatten the table top with a router & sled and surfacing bit

Add chamfered or round over edge using laminate trimmer or router

Sand to preferred finish, high grit for high sheen, low grit for low sheen or matt finish

4. Apply a finish of your choice. The epoxy flood coat will leave a nice, durable & high gloss finish. Oils can leave a variety of sheens and finishes desired

Tips: A bit of research goes a long way to find a suitable product & a dust free work space is recommended

5. Attach legs to the table. Many styles and mediums are available on the market. Simple and sturdy styles like mine shown here are relatively easy to make

This article has been written by Derry O'Bryne from Derry Woodworks.

Derry is an amazing woodwork artist who took his time to write this article and create this article to teach you how to use our resins and share some tips with you. I highly encourage following him on @derry_woodworking on Instagram to see more of his incredible work!